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Children’s Books Turned into Fun Movies

Everyone enjoys children’s books at some point in their lives. Some people even continue to love these books well into adulthood, especially when they have children of their own. One of the ways companies keep these books alive is by turning them into movies. In some situations, the movies follow the books almost precisely, while … Continue reading

Get Ready to Read

Talk to your infant and toddler to help him learn to speak and understand the meaning of words. Point to objects that are near and describe them as you play and do daily activities together. Having a large vocabulary gives a child a great start when he enters school. Read to your baby every day … Continue reading

Five Reading Tips

Reading with children and helping them practice specific reading components can dramatically improve their ability to read. Scientific research shows that there are five essential components of reading that children must be taught in order to learn to read. Adults can help children learn to be good readers by systematically practicing these five components: Recognizing … Continue reading

Reading Homework Tips

Have your child read aloud to you every night. Choose a quiet place, free from distractions, for your child to do his nightly reading assignments. As your child reads, point out spelling and sound patterns such as cat, pat, hat. When your child reads aloud to you and makes a mistake, point out the words … Continue reading

Reading to Young School Age Children

Your child has started school, but he still needs you to read to him at home. Your child will do better in school, and you’ll enjoy the time spent together. Here are helpful tips for reading to and with young children in school, kindergarten through third grade: Keep reading to your child even when he … Continue reading

Motivate Reading

Parents Can Help As parents, we want our children to learn. We know the benefits of being able to read well, to write clearly, to solve problems and to communicate effectively. Not only do these abilities allow us to earn a decent living, but they also help us to enjoy life and to appreciate its … Continue reading