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Children’s Books Turned into Fun Movies

Everyone enjoys children's books at some point in their lives. Some people even continue to love these books well into adulthood, especially when they have children of their own. One of the ways companies keep these books alive is by turning them into movies. In some situations, the movies follow the books almost precisely, while others drift away from the book to create a more interesting screenplay. In either case, it can be fun to watch some of these classics with your children. Program that DVR and get the popcorn ready for a fun movie night with the family watching these great films:

the-loraxDr. Seuss' The Lorax
The Lorax is a book that was written by the famous Dr. Seuss in 1971. It took until 2012 for this book to be made into a movie, though. The storyline for this book turned movie fits well with the trends of today's society. The story follows the Lorax as he defends the forest in which he lives from a creature that seeks to destroy the trees to make clothing that everyone wants to wear. Children of all ages will be attracted to the bright colors and fun dialog of this story.

Mr. Popper's Penguins
Originally set in the 1930s, this updated version of the popular children's book stars Jim Carey as Tom Popper Jr. In Mr. Popper's Penguins, the Poppers receive two shipments of penguins by accident. The family keeps the penguins and a vast array of entertainment ensues, giving you plenty to laugh about as you enjoy the movie.

The Chronicles of Narnia
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is one of the popular books in the Chronicles of Narnia series. This book was transformed into its movie form in 2005. Through the course of the story, four children who are living with a distant relative in a large empty house find themselves in a world beyond the wardrobe. The children soon realize they are an important part of this world and must fight against the witch for their rightful places. This is only the first movie in the popular series.

Night at the Museum
Children love to pretend, which is why Night at the Museum is such a major hit. Written in 1993, this book was turned into a movie in 2006, starring Ben Stiller and featuring Robin Williams. The story takes place in a museum where a night guard realizes the exhibits in the museum come alive at night. This is a great option for children because it is entertaining and adventurous, while implementing little pieces of history into the story.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series was first written in 2007 and was quickly followed by the movie in 2010. The movie follows the life of the main character, Greg, as he gets used to life in middle school. This is a great movie that shows children how to handle these often awkward transitions in life. This is one movie that doesn't follow the book too closely, though.

Whether your child loves to read or you are trying to find ways to share your favorite childhood books, finding the popular children's books that have been turned into movies can be the perfect option. You and your children will love to see these books come to life before your eyes.