The following books written by and about Hispanics range from picture books illustrated with folk art to photographed autobiographies of children of migrant farmworkers. Many of these books are bilingual and others are sprinkled throughout with Spanish words and phrases. They communicate difficulties growing up as a Latino, provide portraits of close family ties, and offer a look at Hispanic foods, arts, holidays, and other traditions. While learning about Hispanic people and culture, your students will also be learning Spanish!

Before You Were Here, Mi Amor

By Samantha Vamos
The members of a familia lovingly prepare for a new beb??. A tenderly written story, with Spanish words throughout, tells readers how Mami ...
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The House on Mango Street

By Sandra Cisneros
This collection of vignettes about Chicago's Hispanic quarter are told from the point of view of Esperanza Cordero who is coming of age. ...
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My Name Is Mar??a Isabel

By Alma Flor Ada
Mar??a Isabel Salazar L??pez is a new girl in school. It's hard enough to be a new girl, but when the teacher decides to give her another ...
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Ghost Wings

By Barbara Joosse
Set in Mexico during the monarch butterflies' annual migration and during the Days of the Dead, this is a heartwarming tale of a young girl ...
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Tom??s and the Library Lady

By Pat Mora
Tom??s's grandfather is a wonderful storyteller. No matter where his family is in their yearly migration, they gather around the fire after ...
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Bread Is for Eating

By David and Phillis Gershator
In this tribute to bread, Mamita explains to her son how bread is created step-by-step from seed to grain and from farmer to baker. After ...
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The Old Man & His Door

By Gary Soto
"El viejo," the old man, is very good at working in his garden, but he is not so good at listening to his wife. When the old man's wife ...
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Ve Lo Que Dices/See What You Say

By Nancy Mar??a Grande Tabor
"Is someone teasing you? If so, then in Spanish they are 'pulling your hair,' and in English they are 'pulling your leg.'" Use these 12 ...
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