What do menus, road signs, Web sites, and books about sports, hobbies, history, science, and math have in common? They are all nonfiction! Bring the following cross-curricular collection of colorful and engaging books into your classroom to get your students excited about “reading to learn.”

Yellow Star

By Jennifer Rozines Roy
This is the true story of Syvia Perlmutter ??? a story of courage, heartbreak, and finally survival despite the terrible circumstances in ...
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Sonia’s Song

By Sonia Korn-Grimani
At the age of eight, little Sonia Korn is declared an enemy of the German State. She and her family are given the choice to either find a ...
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Upstairs Room

By Johanna Reiss
A Life in Hiding... When the German army occupied Holland, Annie de Leeuw was eight years old. Because she was Jewish, the occupation put ...
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Building Big

By David Macaulay
Future designers, engineers, and architects will find hours of discovery in Macauley's newest book about what can be accomplished with ...
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A Pair of Wings

By Marilyn Singer
Fairies and other storybook characters that fly make wings seem magical. So does Marilyn Singer, even though this book is pure nonfiction. ...
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