From Alabama to Zanzibar, anyone who travels knows just how informative and life-altering trips to new places can be. Use these scenic books to capture students’ enthusiasm for excursions and get them to explore the thrill of traveling through reading. Simply flip the pages to join characters on journeys past and present, near and far, real and imaginary.

This Is New York

By Miroslav Sasek
The charm and uniqueness of New York City was never more beautifully and whimsically created for children than in Miroslav Sasek's This Is ...
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Amy’s Travels

By Kathryn Starke
Come join Amy as she travels to all seven continents. Amy's Travels, based on a true story, teaches the geography, culture, and diversity of ...
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Gully’s Travels

By Tor Seidler
Gulliver, an affable but snobbish Lhasa apso, lives at a fashionable Manhattan address, enjoys opera and looks forward to yearly trips to ...
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By Anastasia Suen
Come along for the ride as a little girl and her mother hop on the subway. From spinning turnstiles and musicians performing on the ...
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The Wanderer

By Sharon Creech
This tale of an Atlantic voyage from Connecticut to England is told through the journals of Sophie and her cousin Cody. Sophie joins her ...
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By Karen Hesse
When eleven-year-old Nicholas Young secretly boards Captain Cook's ship Endeavor in Plymouth, England, he's more than just a stowaway -- ...
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Vendela in Venice

By Christina Bjork
Vendela is fascinated by Venice, a "fairy tale city" where streets are canals, and cars are boats. On her trip there with her father, she ...
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Angel Spreads Her Wings

By Judy Delton
Angel's stepfather has announced that he is taking the family to Greece to visit his parents. Angel, "the worrier," has a lot on her mind. ...
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Miss Rumphius

By Barbara Cooney
Before she was called the old Lupine Lady, she was known as Miss Rumphius. But long before that, she was simply Alice, a small girl who ...
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Henry Hikes to Fitchburg

By D. B. Johnson
Inspired by a passage from Henry David Thoreau's Walden, this story follows two bear friends who take different "routes" to get to the town ...
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