To prepare your class for Women’s History Month in March, we’ve come up with a collection of great books that focus on women and girls who stand out as models of character, power, and skill. Written about female historical figures, as well as characters from folklore and fiction, these books will help you and your students celebrate women and their diverse accomplishments.

One for the Murphys

By Lynda Hunt
A moving debut novel about a foster child learning to open her heart to a family's love. Carley uses humor and street smarts to keep her ...
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Sonia’s Song

By Sonia Korn-Grimani
At the age of eight, little Sonia Korn is declared an enemy of the German State. She and her family are given the choice to either find a ...
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The Daring Book for Girls

By Andrea Buchanan
The Daring Book for Girls is the manual for everything that girls need to know -- and that doesn't mean sewing buttonholes! Whether it's ...
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Stealing Freedom

By Elisa Carbone
Ann Maria Weems was a slave who lived during the mid-1800s in Maryland. When she was 13 years old, she disguised herself as a boy and ...
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Through My Eyes

By Ruby Bridges
In November 1960, America watched as six-year-old Ruby Bridges, surrounded by U.S. marshals, walked through a crowd of threatening ...
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Lives of Extraordinary Women

By Kathleen Krull
Krull's book makes it clear that men are not always the ones in charge. In this colorfully illustrated book, she introduces 20 women that ...
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Molly Bannaky

By Alice McGill
This beautifully illustrated picture book tells the story of Molly Bannaky, a brave but lesser-known figure from Colonial history. Bannaky, ...
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